Business Transformation & Project Roadmap




The vision for the People First – Healthy Workplace is to get people back to work, and change expectations about workability management to focus on abilities, rather than disabilities. In the future, being absent from work will be viewed as an unusual occurrence, and the emphasis will be on maintaining at work and returning to work, sick and injured employees, to safe and productive work activities as soon as functionally possible.


B Engaged drafted the Project Charter and worked with Directors and front-line management to adopt a project management methodology including:

  • Planning Activities: Formation of the Project Team, clarification of the project scope, determination of the governance model, assignment of Project Leads, identification of Working Groups, inventory of tasks, timelines and resource assignments.
  • Project Charter: Completion of the Project Charter and Project Plan, Communication, Change Management and Training Plans.
  • Implementation Activities: Scheduling, facilitation and attendance at ongoing working group meetings
  • Monitoring and Tracking Activities: Check-in with Project Leads and working groups to monitor completion of assigned tasks, achievement of stated milestones and to identify and escalate risks or roadblocks. Coordinated with the LEAN team, reporting on updates, milestone achievements, and changes to the project timeline.
  • Project Reporting: Project documentation and reporting included weekly status updates, change control logs and issues tracking following the transition from B Engaged to the VCH Project Team. A monthly dashboard of indicating percentage completion was provided to the executive team

VCH Project


B Engaged worked with VCH’S Human Resources Leadership Team over a 4 month period to:

  • Create a Project Plan, Communications Plan and Change Management Framework to support the redesign of VCH’s Disability Management program
  • Map out work plans associated with a major redesign of the disability management program, “People First Healthy Workplace: Stay at Work, Return to Work.”
  • Consult with the Executive Sponsor to develop the project charter and communications and change strategies in conjunction with a LEAN process improvement initiative
  • Collaborate with internal subject matter experts and communications professionals on the approach to reach managers and impacted stakeholder groups
  • Document detailed timelines, resource assignments and change management and communication plans