Managing Change Delivery


We’re Prosci-certified Change Management practitioners with over a decade of experience managing complex change initiatives involving people, process and technology changes. We have a track record for bringing clarity and realistic solutions to achieve your business goals. We work with sponsors, mid-managers and front line staff to develop Change Management Roadmaps aligned with your budget and timelines. Explore recent client projects involving change:

  • Developed multi-year Change Management and Communications Plans for one of the most important technology deployments at Canada’s largest educational institution impacting 15,000 stakeholders; created an innovative Readiness Program, targeting faculty and staff at two campuses and clinical locations using video clips to reach geographically dispersed staff to explain the changes relative to each audience; initiated extensive outreach and engagement activities to socialize new business processes and payment options; authored 100 purchasing and payment procedures to improve adherence to university travel and expense procedures; prepared online and print collateral with messaging tailored to specific stakeholder audiences, staged over an 18 period, introduced project branding; developed training framework to address diverse stakeholder’s learning styles.


  •  Developed a comprehensive Change Management Plan to guide an 18 month transition from a legacy software platform, to a web-based CRM tool for a $100 million Fundraising and Development operation; coached executive sponsors to improve business processes to increase employee and alumni engagement; established project governance framework; created employee communication and change management strategies targeting 300+ stakeholders; completed current state/gap analysis; documented extensive stakeholder requirements; assessed employee readiness and created risk management plans.


  • Conducted an accelerated stakeholder engagement with senior executives, physicians, hospital administrators, nurses and allied health professionals to qualify the changes resulting from the opening of the Surrey Memorial Hospital Critical Care Tower; interviewed 50 people during a 6 week period to understand process, culture, and physical space changes impacting hospital staff and patients; documented and validated business drivers, project scope, impacted stakeholder groups and desired outcomes; prepared a Change Management Roadmap with high level communication strategies to engage stakeholders.


  • Executed a 45 day executive change review of several high profile technology initiatives as part of a $55 million Renewal Project for a world-leading cultural museum; assessed the direction of the information management (Collections, Archival, and Digital Asset Management Systems) strategy, implementation timeline and budgetary requirements; clarified the status of projects and implementation gaps, and identified opportunities for integration.


  • Designed an innovative employee orientation program and online resource for a start-up software company to engage new employees in the company’s mission and provide them with essential workplace knowledge in a concentrated one day format.


  • Collaborated on the development of a sales force training program with the Director of Marketing to connect a geographically dispersed sales team and provide ongoing, relevant sales knowledge to drive revenues at a tech company. Training delivered via monthly WebEx training sessions and quarterly in-person events.


  • Formulated an organizational learning plan for an industry leading software company including a benchmark study of industry best practices, identification of learning trends, assessment of training priorities and career path planning designed to increase retention of highly skilled technical employees.